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Participation is open for research scientists, engineers, graduate and PhD students from all IODP member countries. Each IODP expedition includes a staff of up to 30 scientists and engineers. ECORD member communities may submit their applications to the opening expeditions directly through the ESSAC Secretariat online. Sailing application.

Information on program schedule, project descriptions, application procedures and forms for participation is provided by ESSAC Secretariat:

ESSAC Office

Gretchen Früh-Green
Science Coordinator:
Julia Gutierrez Pastor

ETH Zurich
Institute of Geochemistry and Petrology
Clausiusstrasse 25, NW E 84.2
CH-8092 Zurich
Tel: +41 44 632 8462 / +41 44 632 3794
Fax: +41 44 632 1636

Information about scheduled expeditions can be found at IODP site. The ECORD newsletter, IODP E-news and Scientific Drilling Journal provides information and reports on deep Earth sampling and monitoring.

Drilling proposals

Proposal guidelines and current status of active IODP proposals are available at the IODP site. Drilling proposal items must arrive in the IODP-MI Sapporo office by the semiannual deadlines of either 1 April or 1 October. Successful submissions of drilling proposals require that the science objectives are outstanding, that the geology of the drill site is sufficiently well known to demonstrate that the objectives are feasible, and that the drilling will be safe. The latter two requirements depend on the availability of adequate site surveys, which include crossing seismic reflection lines and a range of geology specific additional observations. Submit drilling proposal.

Engineering proposals

IODP technology development is important factor for making the program successful. Technology initiatives must be a part of the full spectrum of scientific challenges detailed by the scientific drilling community. There is an annual call with the deadline of the 15th of March for submitting engineering development proposals for IODP. Submit an Engineering Developement Proposal.

Accessing data and samples from IODP

It is also encouraged to request data and samples taken during IODP expeditions. Previous Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) data and samples are also available. Core repositories which are located around the world are overseen by the IODP and they distribute samples according to ODP and IODP policies. Data and samples collected by IODP can be requested on-line and free of charge.

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