This portal supports Finnish membership in the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP). It will provide basic information and important links to those web sites that relate closely to the program. It is especially planned to be an easy starting place for Finnish scientists and students to look for opportunities for participation on upcoming expeditions, requesting for samples, finding educational resources or beginning planning or jointing to international drilling proposal initiatives.

IODP is an international scientific research initiative which has begun studying climate change, biodiversity, geophysics and geodynamics in 2004. Presently there are 24 member countries in IODP. 16 major European countries and Canada have formed the European Consortium for Ocean Research Drilling (ECORD) within IODP alongside U.S.A, Japan, Korea and China. Within ECORD, The Science Support and Advisory Committee (ESSAC) provides scientific support and suggests scientists to current expeditions and representatives to IODP panels. The Academy of Finland supports the Finnish participation to IODP.

IODP is guided by its science plan, which encompasses three main themes: 1) the Sub-seafloor Deep Biosphere 2) Environmental Change, Processes, and Effects and 3) Solid Earth Cycles and Geodynamics. IODP co-operates closely also with the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP) in studying climate change, crustal deformation, fluid interaction and the deep biosphere.

IODP also enables fundamental investigation of geographical areas that were previously inaccessible or poorly understood such as the Arctic. IODP uses multiple platforms to be able to research more sites globally with advanced capabilities and therefore start to address questions that require carefully planned, multidisciplinary integrated research programmes. IODP uses the renewed drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution and the riser vessel Chikyu, which is capable of accessing new regions beneath the Earth's crust and deep biosphere. Moreover, European countries (ECORD) conduct mission specific platforms (MSP) for drilling in shallow water and ice-covered regions.